Essentially made for you

Posted on July 15 2017

Essentially made for you

Have you ever had a day when the tasks are piling up but you just can’t get off your bum and start? Those days happen to me often and tend to throw a wrench in my whole productivity plan. I’ve really come to live with these ‘slow days’ with simple and effective energy hacks. One of them is this highly gorgeous essential oil blend – Kapha by Craft House

I put 6-8 generous drops in one of my oil burners and after an hour of deep breaths, I’m up and about. Sometimes it works better than a cup of coffee in the afternoon. 

A lot of why this oil blend helps me is in its name. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 types of mind-body constitutions (doshas) — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha . These doshas make up your physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. And when these characteristics are not in balance, your wellbeing is affected.

 I am a Kapha, and Ragini is a Vata.

As a Kapha, I have trouble with jumpstarting my energy levels. And burning oils that help clear my sinuses and encourage big breaths, helps get those levels up there.

Just Google Ayurveda Doshas, and find out what you are. It really is amazing. Once I learned about it, it helped explain many of my characteristics. And the best part is that is offers so much guidance on how to bring your self back into balance.




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