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Our one of a kind Dance of Love Bag is inspired by Madhubani Art native to the Mithila region in India and Nepal. Traditionally these were painted on mud walls and floors of huts but now, these artists have transitioned to cloth, canvas and hand made paper. 

As kids our mother would travel India in search of these paintings and we always tagged along. 

Each of these tribal paintings tell a story and part of enjoying this art is to identify the story or the ritual it highlights. This story depicts Shiva and Parvati's love story. When Parvati transformed into her avtar as Kaali, Shiva was the only person who could appease her from her killing frenzy and help her return to her calm and naurturing state as Parvati. 

This purse is made using sturdy jacquard weaves. The clutch closes with a magnetic clasp. Inside is fully lined with one zipper pocket. Each bag includes a long strap, so that it can be worn as a cross bag.
This is a unique and one of a kind purse, made from a variety of strong and high quality fabrics collected over decades during our travels all over the world; individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.
Width:    12 inches
Height:    9 inches 
  • Vegan, no leather or silk products used

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