Fatma Earrings | Lemon

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Khamsa or Hamsa, is a motif popular through the Middle East and North Africa. This open palmed motif was used through out history as a form of protection and defense against the evil eye.

Translated, the Hamsa also known as The Hand of Fatima was named after the Prophet Mohameds daughter. Traditionally communities shared this motif with their loved ones to bring about a sense safety, security and blessings.

The Hamsa still lives on today! Found in mainstream society on everything from fashion and cutlery, this auspicious symbol is still one that is celebrated and shared. The Hamsa Earings is our tribute to the rich history of this ancient symbol.

Share this piece of history with yourself or a loved one today.

Vegan - no leather or silk products used.


Height:   9 cm

       12.5 (to bead drop)



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