Malsi | Signature Embroidered Clutch

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This pieces was inspired by the embroidery motifs and symbols found in works made by the indigenous Otomi people of Mexico. 

Common motifs are animals, thought to be bearers of important news, and four- and eight-pointed stars intended to represent the cardinal direction. Other symbols may represent fertility, nature, helpful spirits, harmful spirits, or spirits that serve as intermediaries between our world and that of the spirits.

The clutch closes with a magnetic clasp. Inside is fully lined with one zipper pocket. 
Each bag includes a long detachable strap, so that it can be worn as a cross bag.
This is a unique and one of a kind purse, made from a variety of strong and high quality fabrics collected over decades during our travels all over the world; individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.

Width:    13 inches
Height:    7 inches 

Vegan, no leather or silk products used

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