Salam by Frez - 2

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Salaam is the word for 'peace' in Arabic. Depicted in embroidery, this 'calligraffiti' piece was created exclusively for Ragmatazz by the talented graffitti writer - Frez. We are so proud to call him a good friend, and are diehard fans of his creativity.
Hailing from the UK, Frez is renowned for writing fresh tags, leaving catchy throwies in the streets, hitting subways with crazy colorful panels and also his masterful big colorful pieces.
This is a unique and one of a kind purse, made from a variety of strong and high quality fabrics collected over decades during our travels all over the world; individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.
Width:    12.5 inches
Height:    6.5 inches 
  • Vegan, no leather or silk products used

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