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Ragmatazz has an old soul. It is our expression of an ideology that was founded on a love for all indigenous arts across the world.
Broken down Ragmatazz is a play on the words 'Rags' and 'Razzmatazz'. A name inspired by the story of how tribal communities around the world took things that were essentially not precious – such as twigs, leaves, berries and flowers - and used their own creative energy and skill to transform them into valuable and beautiful objects. Our brand creates value from mixing colors, patterns, motifs and hand making techniques from around the world to create beauty and value. Through our designs, we aim to share the message that on our own we may go unnoticed, however together we can truly create a statement.
We were pleasantly surprised to realize that all cultures share an ancient practice of handcrafting pieces. And even when each culture has its own distinct style and aesthetic, we were so inspired by the how similar ethnic arts and handicrafts are across all continents. The more we explored different cultures through their work, the more we felt connected to them by identifying their similarities. This was the moment when Ragmatazz was born.
We then took this concept further by collecting elements from different cultures and blending them together for a modern world. Our expertise lies in how we combine  modern silhouettes and shapes with traditional embroidery designs and appliqué work, learnt from a wide variety of cultures.
Our bold prints and vibrant color palettes are a way for us to celebrate the diversity of life. It is our aim to help to share our understanding that even though we all represent our own culture and where we come from, there is a universal creative energy that resonates though every person, uniting us all into one beautiful tribe.
One tribe. One voice. One vision.
Rohini Nagu

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