About Us

Ragmatazz is an old soul that was founded on a love for all things tribal and ethnic, from all over the world. 

Finding the beauty in handmade orgins, Ragmatazz offers timeless styles that seamlessly blends elements from different cultures for a modern world. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. They are individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.

Ragmatazz is the union between modern silhouettes with traditional embroidery designs and appliqué work, gathered from a wide variety of cultures. Our bold prints and bold palettes of color is a way for us to celebrate the diversity of life within the medium of our clothes.

It is our way of spreading this knowledge that even though we are tribes of people living in different parts of the world, there is a universal creative energy that resonates though every tribe, uniting us all into one beautiful Tribe. 

One tribe. One voice. One vision.

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