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Created in the rich vibrant style that is distinctly Ragmatazz, our Ka'ak Bags get their name from the delicious Lebanese flat bread called Ka'ak. This iconic street bread can be commonly found all over the city of Beirut, sold by street vendors hanging from  their carts on a pole. These breads are also called the handbag breads or the purse breads because of its shape. So how could be resist making our own inspired Kaak Purse?
These bags are spacious, sturdy and even large enough to carry your iPad.
The bag is fully lined and includes an inside pocket. 
This is a unique and one of a kind purse, made from a variety of strong and high quality fabrics collected over decades during our travels all over the world; individually produced with artisan handcrafted finishing.

Width:     16 inches
Height:    16.5 inches

Vegan, no leather or silk products used

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